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The Legal Profession

Solicitors are part of the legal profession, which includes many other specialists such as barristers and paralegals. These individual professionals are working to come together as one collective legal group that would be represented by one specific union. Aside from this fact, there is a lot of other interesting and essential information to be learned here on our site.

Understanding the Solicitor

There is a great introductory post here which will help the reader to understand what the duties of the solicitor are, compared to some of the other legal professionals within the industry.

Becoming a Solicitor

For those who are thinking of becoming a solicitor, the post we have here will be a great starting point to help with the decision making.

Hiring a Solicitor

For those who think they may need the services of a solicitor, there is a post here which will help to determine this.

Criminal Lawyers

This is one speciality in law which is in high demand. Our post here focuses on a criminal solicitor and their responsibilities.

Solicitor Specialties

The post here about different types of specialities for solicitors is really quite interesting.

About Crown Prosecutors

For those who want to know what crown prosecutors do, the post we have here will explain this.

Running a Legal Firm and Security

Every legal firm has to be responsible for online security, as the internet is a great asset which they use in their business. There is some interesting and relevant information in our post on this subject.