There are a lot of individuals who come to the conclusion that they would like to become a solicitor and make this their career. Having made this decision, they now have to determine how to go about this.


First, they need to have an understanding of what the requirements of a solicitor are. Solicitors will usually give legal advice to their clients and will help them with many legal issues. There are various categories of solicitors because there are so many different areas of law. There are a lot of options available for a solicitor, once they have met the educational requirements.


Upon graduating, the new lawyer will have to decide how they want to start out in their career. They have choices such as:

  • Starting a private practice
  • Going into commercial practice
  • Providing in-house legal advice
  • Becoming a Crown prosecutor

The Education

The education to become a solicitor is quite in-depth. There are some different options as to how one can obtain the qualifications required to become a solicitor, which are as follows.

  • The student would complete a recognised law degree. Then, once this was achieved, they would need to take a legal practice course.
  • Another option is to complete a non-law degree. Then, the next action would be to take the standard professional examination. Or, instead of this, have a graduate diploma in a law conversion course. This would then be followed by a legal practice course.
  • A third option would be for the student to follow through the membership, or the fellowship criteria, for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, and at the same time be employed in the legal profession. This is undoubtedly an option for those who do not have a law degree.

Skill Requirements

Aside from education, there are some important skills which a student must possess if they want to become a solicitor, such as attention to detail and clear communication.