Not everyone has to use the services of a solicitor regularly. An exception to this would be in the business world. Most businesses have to rely on solicitors far more than the general public.

What Type of Lawyer is Needed?

What a lot of people don’t realise, is that there are many different areas of law, and solicitors will specialise in one in particular. The individual who is need of a lawyer has to know what their requirements are before they can choose the right professional for them.

Is There a Need?

Some may jump to the conclusion that they automatically need a solicitor to deal with their circumstance. This is not always the case, and quite often something of a legal nature may be able to be worked out without a solicitor’s input. There are a lot of resources which an individual can use to help them determine this, for example:

  • Using online resources
  • Referring to the local authorities
  • Different charity organisations that can give advice
  • Citizens Advice Bureau

Free Consultations

Fortunately, many solicitors will offer a free consultation for individuals who may need legal assistance. At this consultation, it can be determined if a solicitor’s services are needed. At the same time, it can be ascertained which type of solicitor may be needed, if there appears to be something about the case that would require specialised assistance.


Selecting a solicitor can be a bit of the challenge; there are many to choose from. Most individuals who have a legal issue are dealing with a level of anxiety because they are out of their element. Some are fearful of the law, depending on the circumstances.

When looking for a lawyer, one of the best ways to perhaps choose one, is through the referral of family or a friend who has in the past used a particular professional to assist them.