in most cases, those that have a legal matter do not come into direct contact with the Crown prosecutors.

Who Does the Crown Represent?

A Crown Prosecutor is acting on behalf of the court. They are paid by the government for their services. Individuals do not hire Crown prosecutors. instead, these specialised solicitors are appointed by the court as per the case.

Duties of the Crown Prosecutor

The main responsibility that the Crown has is to make sure that the individual that has been accused of the fence has indeed committed the act they are being charged with and then to bring them to justice according to the fence itself

The Crown has many different tasks that must be carried out on a per case basis.

Decision to Prosecute

The Crown Prosecutor will receive a whole gambit of information that pertains to an individual that has been charged with a criminal offence. Based on this, this specialised solicitor must decide as to whether the case should be put before the courts.

The Charges

Most often initially it will be the police that lays the charges against an individual. The final decision as to what these charges will be lies in the responsibility of the Crown prosecutor.


Once the Crown has decided that they are going to go ahead with the case, they then have the work of preparing that case to be presented before the court. When doing so, they have to rely on many different resources that apply to the case at hand.

Some of these resources may be the police. Initially, it will be the police who have laid the charge, and they will have had to have grounds for being able to do so. They must present these grounds as evidence to the Crown for the Crown to be able to present a case against the defence attorneys who will be representing the accused.