When an individual or business requires a solicitor, it can become confusing for them, because there are so many different types. There are important reasons why there are different specialities for legal representation.

Types of Law

One of the reasons why there is such a need for various specialities in solicitors and barristers is because there are different types of law which are:

  • Criminal
  • Civil
  • Common
  • Statute

Different Types of Solicitors

Once a graduate decides which type of law they want to go into, they can then choose specialities within that category. Some of the typical specialities for solicitors are as follows.

Personal Injury Law

In this case, lawyers who are specialising in personal injury law will handle cases where an individual has become hurt as a result of some type of accident. Their main duty is to see that the injured party is compensated for the injury which they have received.

Estate Planning Law

Most individuals want to have the peace of mind of knowing that their family and assets are taken care of, once they have passed on. To make sure that everything is done legally, they will rely on an estate planning lawyer to assist them with their wills, as well as the plans themselves. These solicitors can set up trusts which will look after the designated family members.

Employment Law

There are many different areas of concern when it comes to legal matters in the employment sector. As a result, there is a need for solicitors to specialise in this area. They will represent employees who are having difficulties in their place of employment. Employers have rules and regulations which they must abide by. If they don’t, then this allows the employees the opportunity to take legal action, and this is when they would rely on an employment law solicitor to assist them.