There are undoubtedly many different areas of law which qualified solicitors can specialise in. Some, however, practice general law without specialising. One area where solicitors are always in high demand is in criminal law.

Challenges Which Criminal Lawyers Face

One of the biggest challenges which criminal solicitors face is the large volume of information that they must read and analyse to prepare for their case.

Duties of a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer has several different responsibilities which they must carry out, depending on the specific case that is being handled.

Legal Advice

In some cases, the solicitor in criminal law may need to do no more than offer advice to clients. Some clients are not sure how they want to go with the criminal case concerning their plea, and will often ask for advice first before proceeding.

Legal Representation

The criminal solicitor will also provide legal representation. However, when it comes to the actual court proceedings, these will, in most cases, be handled by the barristers. Recently though, this tradition has begun to change, and criminal solicitors are now also representing in the courts.

Defence or Prosecution

When it comes to criminal solicitors, some have chosen to act for the defence, while others have chosen to become a prosecutor. Those for the defence, represent clients who are accused of breaking the law, which pertains to a crime.

A prosecutor is on the other side of the fence. They will work for the government in their legal department, such as the courts. They try to prove that the accused is guilty of the crime which they have been charged with.

Choosing a Criminal Solicitor

Criminal charges are very serious, and the accused needs to be sure that they are choosing the right representation to help them before the court.